Phase One

In mid-September 2021, one of the CCTV cameras installed between the Plaza and the library on Main Road was replaced with a PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera, which is operated and monitored by Wellington City Council (WCC).  This increases coverage from the library up to the Pink Pineapple.  The old camera has been re-commissioned in Grasslees park.  This phase is now complete.


Phase Two

We are continuing to liaise with WCC to install cameras at each end of Tawa and are delighted to say that they have agreed to fully fund this project.   This project should hopefully be completed in 2022.


Phase Three

Our next focus will be to install CCTV cameras in the Plaza area.  At the moment, this project is not part of the WCC project plan so will need to be funded by Tawa Business Group. Projects are included on the WCC project plan where there is a need to monitor or deter anti-social behaviour or there is deemed to be a risk to personal safety.