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Darlington Drilling & Pilling Ltd

Darlington Drilling & Pilling Ltd

Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd specialise in driven timber piles, driven railway iron piles, driven and vibrated steel piles, drilled concrete piles, pole foundations, retaining wall construction, transmission line foundations, cell phone tower foundations, slip remedial work, river erosion control works and general site works.

Established in 1982 Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd have a proven track record serving the construction industry principally in the Wellington, Kapiti, Wairarapa, Horowhenua and Manawatu regions but undertaking projects throughout the lower North Island where our proven skills and experience are called for.

We cover residential and light commercial projects, happily working for private clients, individual builders, building company’s, corporates, local authorities and government agencies.

With pile driving rigs starting with our small 6 wheeled Toyota rig, perfect for driving 150mm SED house piles through to our 25T excavator mounted rig we can provide solutions for most driven timber or driven steel pile requirements.

For drilled piles from 200mm to 1.2m diameter and beyond we have a range of excavator pendulum auger equipment, 5.7T to 25T, with abilities to drill piles in not just easy clays but through rock or when casing is required. We have a developed our equipment around the requirements of Wellingtons, difficult sites often needing long reach and deep piles.

  • Address: Level 1, 193 - 195 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington 5028
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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