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24/7 Fitness

24/7 Fitness

We have very humble beginnings (our very first members will be able to attest to that). I established 24/7 Fitness with a very simple motive and that was to help others.

It was apparent to me that when 24/7 Fitness was established the fitness industry was dominated by high pricing and overcrowding due to restrictive opening hours. These factors made it difficult for many (including my own family and friends) to benefit from a regular fitness regime at a gym facility.

I decided to take a risk and offer something that was very different from the norm and offer those benefits that currently weren’t available of low membership fees and open hours with no limitations.

Since our establishment or motive and mission hasn’t really changed but only expanded a little.

Our Mission plain and simple is to ENRICH lives through an HONEST, SINCEREand CHARITABLE service. Love the people we work with (members and gym owners) and bless their lives through what we do. Do what we do well and love it.

ENRICH = Improve or Enhance the quality or value of their lives
HONEST = Doing what we say and following through on our promises
SINCERE = Genuine in our approach and focussed on people not numbers
CHARITABLE = Always looking for opportunities to assist those who cannot assist themselves

  • Address: 35 Oxford Street, Tawa, Wellington 5028
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.