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Trio Health

Trio Health
Trio Health provides Natural Health and Homeopathy solutions for children with recurrent health conditions.
I work collaboratively with families to formulate long-term wellness solutions using Homeopathic remedies and, where applicable, other health solutions such as nutritional supplementation.
These solutions are provided on an individual basis, focusing on the childs personal requirements and individual presentation of symptoms.
All treatment plans are provided with this in mind; that we are all unique and therefore require tailored health treatments to suit us as individuals.
Treatment is based upon a holistic vision of the child. Symptoms on the mental, physical and emotional levels are all considered when a prescription is made to ensure we are treating the whole, not just parts.
This collaboration and subsequent solutions are valuable to many families as the child is treated as a unique person and not as just another illness.
They are also important to families who value the use of natural therapies as opposed to orthodox medicines that are often palliative, long-term, and can have unwanted or toxic side-effects.
These treatments also aim to reduce illness, promote long-term health and wellness and ensure that children are living healthy, happy lives.
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