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Tawa Fitness Centre

Tawa Fitness Centre

Why we're here

We started in 2002, in Main Road Tawa.  Tawa itself is a unique community with a focus on family.  When you join the Tawa Fitness Centre family you become part of a team dedicated to improving your health and fitness.  Whatever your goals, maybe to lose weight, reduce health risks, workout with like minded people, we are here to help you reach them! Our focus in on you!

The way we saw it, by providing our local Tawa community with a small, friendly, unintimidating and motivating environment to workout in, in conjunction with our small dedicated group fitness classes (1 instructor to 10 participants), individualised exercise prescription  and inhouse monthly workout challenges provides a synergistic effect helping our members to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Who We are

We're a company that prides itself on our values:

Every member is important to us and is appreciated for their individuality.
To provide a friendly, welcoming, professional, safe, clean and motivational 
environment for our members to workout in.  
To ensure our members meet their goals through indivdualised exercise prescription.  
To provide a consistent high level of customer service.  

Words of Wisdom - Our values rely upon dedication from all of the players, Tawa Fintess Centre staff and management and you our members.  If we all dedicate ourselves we can achieve extraordinary things.  Each one of us gets to decide which path we are going to take.  Simply put no programme works without dedication.
D  ecide your goals
E  ducate yourself
D  develop a plan
I  implement the plan
C  ommit to the plan
A  llocate appropriate time to achieve your goals
T  test your progress
 integrate your results
O btain new goals
N E V E R  M A K E  E X C U S E S

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